“No creative person has a monopoly of creative ideas and no strategic person has a monopoly of strategic ideas”
— Marie Pascual, Brand/Marketing Strategy Director for Tribal DDB Philippines
In this video, Marie talks about using Design Thinking techniques and activities to run better brainstorming sessions with her creative teams and why collaboration is at the heart of their work at Tribal DDB Philippines.

Marie's experience of Design Thinking

She begins by sharing her first key takeaway:

“There are many ways by which you can get ideas.
There are many ways of doing things to bring out the best ideas.”

She relates it to the difficulties that leaders, like herself, face in a team dynamic:

“You know usually in a brainstorming session…
The desire of the facilitator is really to get ideas.
But sometimes if you have team members who are more quiet, introverted, or let’s say, just not feeling as involved..”

It was through the Design Thinking workshop that she discovered that:

“There are many ways of doing things to be able to bring out the best ideas. The different activities are interactive in a way that it breaks the ice.”

Marie went on to explain the way these activities encourage every member of the team to participate:

“So what happens now is that even the quiet ones are actually able to contribute… In other techniques, whether it’s Post-Its or writing or taking a me-time first and then regrouping.”

She applauds how these various methods are able to spur
collaboration in a very natural way:

“So those kind of approaches allows the more quiet ones to be involved. Without making it sound as if they’re forced or they’re feeling awkward or feeling shy.”

Marie emphasizes how this collaborative approach can bring out the best in everyone:

“And then in the end.. They do have really wonderful contributions. They just need different ways of expressing it.”

Creative Collaboration through Design Thinking

Through her experience, Marie was able to see how Design Thinking aligns with her own company’s values:

“The thrust with Tribal is always a collaboration.”

She goes onto explain how

“We’ve already enforced this idea that—
No creative person has a monopoly of creative ideas
No strategic person has a monopoly of strategic ideas”

Marie sees the similarities and goes on to say,

“So basically with this kind of Design Thinking, it is essentially a collaboration.”

Marie is excited to integrate everything that she learned through Design Thinking

“That kind of collaborative approach, techniques, and the process by which we’re doing it..
I know I can apply it in my line of work.”