Dec. 1-3, 2021 - Online UX Fundamentals + Certification

Dec. 1-3, 2021 - Online UX Fundamentals + Certification

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This course teaches the core fundamentals of UX Research in an innovative, impactful setting with the perfect blend between activity and theory. The 3-Day bootcamp ends with an exam for the User Experience Foundation Certificate from the British Computer Society (BCS).



  • Introduction to UX:
    Understand the key principles of user-centered design

  • ISO 9241:
    Learn the multi-part standard covering ergonomics of human-computer interaction

  • User Research:
    Know user research techniques such as contextual inquiry, ethnography, site visit

  • Journey Maps:
    Build maps to understand the critical design paths in your user’s experience

  • Persona Creation:
    Create personas and other tools from user research data



  • Assessing Usability:
    Measure and analyze usability in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction

  • Information Architecture:
    Create a structured design flow of information through card sorting

  • Interaction Design:
    Design user interface patterns based on the sequence of the user's tasks

  • Mental Models:
    Understand how psychological models like eye tracking gaze patterns affect design

  • Visual Design:
    Apply principles of visual design to create ideal page layouts and user interfaces

  • Prototyping:
    Use iterative paper prototyping to get fast and actionable feedback from users



  • Evaluation:
    Learn how to evaluate products through User Testing using the RITE Method

  • Implementation:
    See how Lean UX methodology can be applied to various business processes

  • Examination:
    A paper–based 75 min. 40 question multiple choice exam for the BCS User Experience Foundation Certificate.